The 888 marks the beginning of a revolution. Until very recently, full metal yo-yos were more of a novelty than high skill competition yo-yos. In 2007, YoYoFactory’s design team decided to change the way metal yo-yos were viewed. The goal was to create a metal yo-yo that offered such drastic performance improvements over all other yo-yos on the market that it would become the new benchmark in modern yo-yo performance. It’s machined with the same accuracy that is used in the aerospace industry and spins so smooth, you can barely feel it spinning!


The undersized shape and tumbled 6061 aluminum create a comfortable, smooth shape & surface. The large Central Bearing Co. SPEC Bearing and silicone response system enable the yo-yo to spin longer than most ever imagined. To top it off, the 888 features YoYoFactory’s patented triple bearing “Hubstack” technology, which enables the user to hold the yo-yo in their fingertips while it’s spinning.





YoYoFactory has a final 888.11 of the year. Following classic styling of the industry cornerstone, this years 888 also had several updates.



The updates include a wider body and new weight distribution that brings the weight down 2.5 grams compared to the 888X.



Another update comes to the inside of the yo-yo. We have added a slight step to the bearing seat to widen the gap and reduce string contact with the inner wall.



Along with physical updates, we’ve created a special edition to pay homage to the birthplace of modern performance yo-yoing: 808 (Hawaii). The green base symbolizes the lush countryside, a splashed acid wash of blue represents the sky and ocean spray. Then, the splashes of red, like lava spewing from the volcanoes that made the islands.



2 general release (left and center) and the “808” (right) 888.11, available now.