Grind Machine

Next generation yo-yo performance. The Grind Machine is the first non-metal yo-yo to feature YoYoFactory’s patented triple bearing hubstack technology. Combine this with a modern shape, textured grinding surface, silicone response, the large Central Bearing Co. SPEC bearing, and you have one of the highest performing plastic yo-yos in the world!




YoYoFactory X Birdhouse Tour 2011

YoYoFactory will be Joining the Birdhouse 2011 Tour. As Part of the Tour YoYofactory will be at every event running contests teaching tricks, giving away stickers and prizes. The Team for the Tour will include PAUL HAN, ALEX KATO, BEN MCPHEE, SETH PETERSON and ANN CONNOLLY. Keep update with more tour information on


From the Streets
We have been saving a few up and this week is going to get pretty busy so its time…