This product is still in development. This page is also in development. Feedback garnered from the Prototyping phase will develop content for this page.

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YoYoFactory® was founded by two-handed yoyo players.  The technology that YoYoFactory®  has focused on most is improving responsive yoyo play.  Starting with wood axles and developing BPT to replicate the wood axle feel when bearings were first introduced into the mainstream.  Quickly learning that BPT was an excellent but short lived and high maintenance/high cost experience.  The modern breakthrough of F.A.S.T. technology gave longevity, and adjustability, excellent for heavy wing shaped yoyos.  Loop720 brought an abstract concept to response with the SOS system. Perfect for the traveler who only wanted to carry a yoyo and string without any other maintenance items also lending  long lasting and reliable responsiveness. Velocity Dial Technology brought infinite adjustability to give the user the chance to grow from responsive to unresponsive play with 120 clickable settings. The Loop900 brought gap adjustability with the simple twist of a key built to satisfy the highest level player rather than practicing the dark art of “cracking” to get the desired gap. The Loop1080 pushed the adjustable gap tech even further with a centralized adjustment system. Our belief is that the height of looping technology is only one step further and could only have been mastered from the data gathered from the previous technologies.

Concept: Undeniable looping performance /No compromises


relationship between the key elements: response/gap need to be separated

spin time must increase through precision

starburst wear is real and must be accounted for

(complexity is ok, as long as it delivers result!)


Draft TUNING GUIDE (incomplete part 2 coming)




STRING: 100% Poly WHITE type 6. The yoyo was designed around this string HOWEVER with the plethora of options in configuration personal preferences are sought

LUBE: YoYoFactory  Performance oil LOOP/RESPONSE and LONGSPIN are recommended. Personal and alternate preferences are sought

CLEANING:personal preferences are sought




December : Planning begins for a new looping yoyo (2020)


tooling ordered

100s of changes made

September : Shu Takada recieves FIRST prototypes

Prototypes at WYYC, but not for public viewing

100s of changes made


Samples to SHU/JOHN

changes made

Samples to SHU/JOHN

changes made

March: Samples at EYYC

April 6 : prototypes appear USA

April 10: prototypes sent to SHU, Patrick M, John Ando, Atsushi Yamada





How to setup:

What influence does changing each element have:

Style /setup

QUESTION: What relationship does changing each part have to:

a) response

b) loop angle 

c) spin time