Birthday: December 30
Location: Redondo Beach
Current Favorite throw: MVP/Supernova (3A/1A respectively)
Achievements: 1st BLC 2010, 2nd place at US Nationals 3A (2009,2010), 5th, 8th, 5th place at World YoYo Contest 3A (2008,2009,2011 respectively)

Pat Borgerding 2nd @ World Yo-Yo Contest 2013

Pat Borgerding has grown up with us. He started on the team when he was just a kid, now he’s taller then any of us! Coming to the World stage as the seeded US National Champion, Pat had over 1,000 plays of his freestyle track. All the time and effort pays off in this amazing routine!


YoYoFactory Team is Worldwide

It should come to no surprise that the YoYoFactory Team does a lot of traveling. On any given weekend we have members attending contests, doing trade shows, touring, teaching and promoting Yo-Yo literally around the world. To give you a little glimpse into where we’re at this weekend, we put together a little report:


Ann is no stranger to travel. Over the last few years she’s become quite a jetsetter, hitting Japan, China, Russia, Australia and all over the USA on tour. Her current trip takes her to the London for a few days, then this weekend Ann makes an appearance at a Toy show in Japan as the special guest. From Japan she’ll be heading to Prague. Then onto a whirlwind European tour. Poland and France among others.




Jason Lee is in transit between the Middle East (Iran was the last place he touched down) and Europe. Pictured below, Jason is standing at the edge of a perpetually burning gas crater. Berlin for a bit, then to Prague to meet up with Ann and the SLUSNY crew. Where to after that? Only Jason knows.





State-side US National Champ Patrick Borgerding took 1st at Midwest Regionals, then headed to Chicago for some sight seeing and inspiration.


Here at the YoYoFactory Office in Arizona, Tyler Severance just booked his tickets South Central Reagionals in Denver, CO. And everyone is finalizing travel plans to Worlds.




We also have some special guests in the office. Former US National Champ Harold Owens III is in town for an extended stay. Sharpening his demonstrating skills with the awesome summer programs Tyler is running here, and fine tuning his Worlds freestyle. He’s got to make it through all the prelims AND get a final routine down. The peace and quite of the desert is helping him focus.


Along with Harold, we also had a surprise visit from 2x time World Champion Eiji Okuyama all the way from Japan. He and Harold made the trek up to the Grand Canyon to see the sights and get some cool photos.



And finally, Brazil is getting ready for it’s National Yo-Yo Contest and YoYoFactory will be represented by Paolo Bueno! He and his family are down visiting family and fortunately it coincides with Brazil Nationals.



Patrick Borgerding 1st Place 3A @ California States 2013

Coming off his big US National Champion win, Patrick Borgerding is showing no signs of slowing down in 2013. Taking home his State Title and giving the world a glimpse of what’s to come this Season, with a definite eye on the World title.


Patrick Borgerding 1st Open @ 2013 Southern California Yo-Yo Championships

With his first appearance of the 2013 Contest Season, current 3A US National Yo-Yo Champion Patrick Borgerding shows that he’s ready. Patrick has amazing control, and amazing tricks. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead in 2013.


Patrick Borgerding- Be

Patrick Borgerding has always been a talented, driven young man. So it came as no surprise to us when he finally captured his first US National title in 3A. Hot on the heals if his win is this phenomenal video part! Enjoy!