Based on the shape of its big brothers (Protostar, Northstar, Starlite), the PopStar is pocket sized chaos! As the only yo-yo in our line-up that is super under-sized, the PopStar will give you a yo-yoing experience unlike any other yo-yo on the market! At an extremely affordable price, you get all of the amenities of a premium metal yo-yo in a small diameter pocket yo-yo. Quite possibly the best performing yo-yo at its price, you can carry the PopStar with you anywhere!



A Star is Born

Today we went to oversee production of the next run of our very popular Popstar. This undersized sized player packs a lot of performance. First it starts are long bars of Aluminum. Then it’s machined to incredibly high tolerance. Once it’s done all thats left is a pile of shavings, and an amazing yo-yo.