How specific can you get when trying to make the ultimate modern performance yo-yo? Just ask Tyler Severance, it took the World and National champion three tries, but the culmination of his efforts is one of the best playing yo-yos available. After his signature “Severe” and “Severe 2010” yo-yos, Tyler took his ideas back to the drawing board. For the SuperNova yo-yo, Tyler decided to go with an entirely new body style that was almost a combination of his two previous yo-yos.


He also used ultra-premium 7075 aluminum, a wider gap, and a completely redesigned weight distribution. The SuperNova has been chosen by many of the world’s top yo-yo players as their choice for competition and it is now available to anyone who is ready to take their yo-yoing to the next level.

Tyler Severance 1A @ California States 2013

Tyler Severance won his division, but he’s also been branching out into 1A. Cal States marks his first 1A performance, and is showing a strong bid for top slots in future 1A results. Narrowly behind some of the best, we’re excited to see what he can do this Season.


YoYoFactory Presents: Genesis/Superstar/Supernova

Undeniable quality, performance and precision have defined the heritage of these 3 yo-yos. With World and National Champion titles, from all over the world, each yo-yo has proven itself as a benchmark in modern yo-yo play. The Genesis, Superstar and Supernova have become benchmarks in the industry and provide a level of play that can’t be matched. YoYoFactory is proud to present these 3 yo-yos along with 3 of the best players. The Genesis, with it’s creator Miguel Correa. The Superstar with Clint Armstrong. And Tyler Severance with his signature yo-yo, the Supernova.  Relaunching March 3rd.


HERE WE YO 10th Anniversary Supernova

Hong Kong based HERE WE YO celebrates their 10th anniversary in 2012. We are proud to unveil this limited edition Supernova as our first release of 2012 and wish them many more decades of success promoting yoyo in Hong Kong and around the world.