Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Current favorite throws: Supernova; Nova
Achievements: 2007 World and National Champion.
Currently ranked 2nd in the USA, 4th in the World.

YoYoFactory Havasupai

YoYoFactory has a goal of spreading yo-yo. Often there are commercial aspects that must be taken into account for this to be sustainable (i.e. we need to make money to be able to afford to do it in the future). In the middle of 2014 we reached a cross-roads. We weren’t doing it right. We faced a change. In the face of this we decided to go back to our roots. Take yo-yo to the people. We considered somewhere exotic, perhaps a sparsely populated island? Maybe on top of a high mountain chain like the Andes? How about a tribe so remote the mail is still delivered by mules…. a mere 5hrs from our office?

Supai Arizona was this place. Its beauty contrasts by the difficulties facing its residents who despite their isolation (6hrs by mule to a car which is hrs again from any significant town) are right in the middle of everything wrong with the modern age (diet, fashion and media expectations). These kids grow up in a fishbowl which is funded by tourists who walk through looking into their lives on their way to see the areas most precious resource; the blue water that cascades over some of the most beautiful water falls in the world.

The Crew was built around our pro, Tyler Severance. Clint Armstrong came in as pro #2, Reece Schofield came as our web designer/camping support/ /r/throwers moderator. we set off at 3am, getting to the cliff top at 8am. The route down was either a 6hr horse ride, 8hr hike or 10min on a helicopter…. yes we took the chopper.

Checkout the visuals from our adventure!





















6I2A8773 - Version 2














Go Big with YoYoFactory!

YoYoFactory is still on #YYFTour14 and this week we are in Kansas City with Go Big Skill Toys!

If you are in the area and want to come hand out Tyler, Joe, and Clint will be at Go Big everyday from 3:30 to 6:00 this whole week. Come by and learn some tricks!

Go Big Skill Toys

12156 Shawnee Mission Prkway, Kansas




#YYFTour14 Nevada City Recap

Our first stop on tour has concluded! Speaking to you from Salt Lake City Utah at the moment. But our last week in Nevada City is what I want to talk about. It being our first stop we had our share of troubles, but those were outweighed heavily by our experiences! First we broke down from Phoenix to San Fransisco, after that fiasco we had a exciting sleepless PNWR weekend. Then Nevada City! During our 5 days we had demonstrations at 9 schools and taught kids how to yo yo everyday at Mountain Pastimes. We had incredible turnouts! Everyday we had more kids than the last! By the end of the week all the kids were talking about a club and how they could all continue to practice yoyoing. Nevada City, Success!

Words from us.

Tyler Severance

” With every tour there are challenges, but in Nevada city they were mainly good ones. There was only so much space to teach new players. There were only so many people who were able to teach new players. But toward the end of the week when the rain started things got more cramped. With that showed up all the local players who were a huge help with new players, and entertaining parents.”

Joe Wilson

” The Nevada city stop on tour was great! We noticed early that the city was small, so we were hoping to reach out to most of the kids. As the week went on we noticed an increase in kids each day leading up to the contest on Friday . I’m positive that our visit brought the most kids to mountain past times than ever befor . My favorite part from that town was that I was able to make a difference in a child’s life. At the end of the week a kid gave me a letter telling me I got him back into yoyoing . The feeling of making an impact on a kid who I never met before made all the work worth it.”

Clint Armstrong

” This 80 70 80 Tour is YoYoFactory’s longest tour ever. We’ve had a lot of build up going into it. We could not have had a better start than with Nevada City! The dedication and passion that the local kids showed was so inspiring. Putting a yoyo into someone’s hand and then seeing them improve in a matter of minutes Is a feeling I can’t put into words. Nevada City is a very quaint town, and is a small community in itself. I would love to go back in a year and see how far the yoyo community has grown!





Shaun’s Story

I met Shaun via Instagram, where he left me a comment about how much YoYos had helped him cope with his Cerebral Palsy. After chatting a bit back and forth with Shaun about his story, it really made me reflect on my life and how grateful I am for my health and all the opportunities I’m given.
I’ve told my story a million times now, about how much YoYos have helped me and how I hope they can help other people. But YoYos have helped Shaun far beyond how they have helped me. I hope by sharing his story he can inspire some of you to be stronger in the face of adversity as he inspires me.
Shaun 8 yrs old

                         “My name is Shaun Sandefur and I have currently been YoYoing for about three years now. When I was born my parents were puzzled at why I couldn’t sit up. They had tests run to find out why this was happening. The test results came back that I had a fatal neurological disease called Ataxia Telangiectasia. Devastated by this, my parents had additional tests run to find out if this was the final conclusion. Thankfully due to everybody’s prayers, and the grace of God, the second test results came back saying I only had mild Cerebral Palsy. So when I was two years old, my parents took me to have neuro- spine surgery in St. Louis. During that surgery the Doctors cut 70 percent of my nerves in my Spinal Column. Before that I had been only able to walk with a walker and within six weeks after the surgery I could walk on my own.  When I was eight years old I had a surgery done on both of my Femurs, where the doctors cut and rotated the bones to where they needed to be. To this day I can walk without any pain whatsoever, but with a very bad limp. Limiting a lot of the activities I could participate in with other kids.

Shaun 2 yrs old

    My experience with YoYos began in the fourth grade when I saw a kid throwing a simple wooden throw at school. Remembering I had a cheap plastic one at home, I decided I wanted to start doing it as a hobby. Each day I brought my YoYo to school. The other boy and I practiced, and got better and better. During that summer my dad had mentioned that they were having yoyo classes at the local toy store, Fun Things Etc., on our local Main Street. I couldn’t wait to start attending. The teacher of the class was an elderly man who soon stopped teaching the class and left his best student to lead it. Once the new school year had started and I was at another school, I looked forward to every Thursday afternoon, when the class started. I had made a new friend at my school and taught him everything I knew. We soon started going to the class together. By the end of that school year, it was just me my friend and the young yoyo teacher. He told me I had great potential, which made me so happy. I remember the last day he taught me and my friend. He had given me a YoyoFactory Protostar from his collection. That’s when I started taking it seriously.

    I started practicing every night by watching videos on youtube. As I got better and better, YoYoFactory quickly became my favorite brand. I bought better YoYos with my own money and practiced everyday at school. Some kids started saying I was weird because I put so much time into it, saying that it was just a toy. This all caused me to stop up until seventh grade when I saw Tyler Severance’s Supernova video with John Ando  and Jason Lee on YouTube. I decided I wanted to start getting back into yo-yoing because it was the one thing my disability didn’t effect. I bought a Supernova and have been practicing ever since, striving to overcome this disadvantage I have.

Shaun yo yo2

Shaun yoyo

When I have a yoyo in my hands, I feel unstoppable. Yo-yoing makes me feel like I can make up for the other things I am limited at doing. And personally…I don’t mind :).


YoYoFactory Team is Worldwide

It should come to no surprise that the YoYoFactory Team does a lot of traveling. On any given weekend we have members attending contests, doing trade shows, touring, teaching and promoting Yo-Yo literally around the world. To give you a little glimpse into where we’re at this weekend, we put together a little report:


Ann is no stranger to travel. Over the last few years she’s become quite a jetsetter, hitting Japan, China, Russia, Australia and all over the USA on tour. Her current trip takes her to the London for a few days, then this weekend Ann makes an appearance at a Toy show in Japan as the special guest. From Japan she’ll be heading to Prague. Then onto a whirlwind European tour. Poland and France among others.




Jason Lee is in transit between the Middle East (Iran was the last place he touched down) and Europe. Pictured below, Jason is standing at the edge of a perpetually burning gas crater. Berlin for a bit, then to Prague to meet up with Ann and the SLUSNY crew. Where to after that? Only Jason knows.





State-side US National Champ Patrick Borgerding took 1st at Midwest Regionals, then headed to Chicago for some sight seeing and inspiration.


Here at the YoYoFactory Office in Arizona, Tyler Severance just booked his tickets South Central Reagionals in Denver, CO. And everyone is finalizing travel plans to Worlds.




We also have some special guests in the office. Former US National Champ Harold Owens III is in town for an extended stay. Sharpening his demonstrating skills with the awesome summer programs Tyler is running here, and fine tuning his Worlds freestyle. He’s got to make it through all the prelims AND get a final routine down. The peace and quite of the desert is helping him focus.


Along with Harold, we also had a surprise visit from 2x time World Champion Eiji Okuyama all the way from Japan. He and Harold made the trek up to the Grand Canyon to see the sights and get some cool photos.



And finally, Brazil is getting ready for it’s National Yo-Yo Contest and YoYoFactory will be represented by Paolo Bueno! He and his family are down visiting family and fortunately it coincides with Brazil Nationals.



A Night in Fort Collins

During the recent YoYoFactory Rocky Mountain Tour in Colorado, Tyler and Joe hooked up with the Innovation Movement to film this dope video part. Lots of great tricks and very stylistic production.


Tyler Severance 1A @ California States 2013

Tyler Severance won his division, but he’s also been branching out into 1A. Cal States marks his first 1A performance, and is showing a strong bid for top slots in future 1A results. Narrowly behind some of the best, we’re excited to see what he can do this Season.


YYF Team 1A @ California States 2013

You couldn’t ask for a better team. YoYoFactory is proud to support such talented players. California States is one of the first big contests of the 2013 Season and it drew a lot of top players. Check out Paulo, Kevin and Clints’ freestyles from the contest. We’re looking forward to what this Season has in store for them!




ONEstar ONEtrick

ONEtrick, ONEstar.


Thats what we want to see.


A trick is typically made of a MOUNT, a MOVE and a DISMOUNT or ENDING.


Lots of people call single MOVES tricks but with a little choreography it can be so much MORE!


Here is an example from Tyler Severance.

But we want to see what YOU can do.


The ONEstar will set a new benchmark for performance (at a low price) and we will soon invite you to throw just ONEtrick on your ONEstar.

Tyler Severance Severe


YoYoFactory’s first Machined acetal Yo-Yo, The Severe is 2012 US National Champion Tyler Severance’s newest Signature model. Take design inspiration from his very popular Supernova, the Severe is a precision machined plastic yo-yo with great weight distribution. A unique metal axle system insures smooth, reliable play and the body is finished with a soft, smooth feel that’s great in the hand, and on the string.


65.6 Grams
56.17 mm Diameter
44 mm Wide




Tyler Severance 1A @ BLC 2012

Tyler Severance has dominated his respective division for years. He’s won every title you could, state, regional, national and world titles. So, in 2012 he’s started to work on something new, 1A.


Tyler vs. Tyler Again

Tyler and Tyler are at it again with a new head to head video!


YoYoFactory West Coast Tour Day 13- Vancouver, Canada










YoYoFactory West Coast Tour: Vancouver BC

YoYoFactory West Coast Tour: Washington – Seattle

YoYoFactory West Coast Tour Day 12- Seattle, WA


Seattle is our last stop in the USA for the YoYoFactory West Coast Tour. We got in a day early so we had a chance to go around to sight see. First stop was across the street from our hotel, the Space Needle.



Then we walked down to the historic Pike Place Market. On the far end of Pike Place is the gum wall. It was hands down the grossest thing we saw on tour.



Next we went to the pier for dinner and to watch the sun set over the sound. In the back ground you can see our next destination.





The Seattle Great Wheel offered an amazing view of the city at night.




Alex caught a late night skate session under the Needle.



Seattle really showed us a good time in our last day in America. The crowd was eager to learn and we had a great time.



Tons of locals also came out to hang out and try new YoYoFactory prototypes.



With all the locals we had a great Pro Contest with a lot of stiff competition.






We can’t say it enough, Seattle was awesome! Thanks to everyone who came out! Next stop, CANADA!


YoYoFactory West Coast Tour: Grants Pass, Portland & Spokane

YoYoFactory West Coast Tour Day 11- Spokane, WA



Day 11 of the YoYoFactory West Coast Tour finds us in Spokane WA. It was another busy day full of teaching and demos. Spokane was one of our biggest crowds so far.



Along with hundreds of new yo-yoers, some more experienced players came out for the day.




Like the other stops we ran contests for beginners and pros alike. We had 3 great contestants for the Pro Contest.



It’s always cool to see players who play and practice together competing head to head. Their different styles come out and they always have a good time.







Thanks so much Spokane for having up. Great crowds and great times!


YoYoFactory West Coast Tour Day 9- Grants Pass, OR


We knew the moment we rolled into the Grans Pass venue that it would be a good day. Before we could even set up the tent we had a crowd of people eager to learn how to yo-yo.



The day was filled with contests and demos. The audience was stoked to watch the Pros and after each performance the tent would get swarmed by people learning how to yo-yo.




In between the demos we also ran Long Sleeper contests that really got the competitors going. It was amazing to see how fast everyone was picking it up and we had some great Long Sleepers from people who had just picked up a yo-yo earlier that day.




We also had some Special Guests show up and compete in the YoYoFactory Pro Contest. Luke beat out his older brother Jack, and Ibs, for the West Coast trophy.




The Skate demo also went off! Huge crowds and great tricks. Thanks to everyone who came out to Grants Pass. We had a great time!



YoYoFactory West Coast Tour 2012: Part Four, 3 States – 1 Day

YoYoFactory West Coast Tour Day 8- On the road from Nevada to Oregon


The morning started early in Reno. As we were driving out of town we passed by this crazy tree and had to turn around. It was COVERED with shoes.



Then, back on the road. Our first stop of the day is to see the extinct volcano of Lassen Peak.



Kato decides to see how far he could roll this boulder. It didn’t go far.



There were also these crystal clear lakes created from ice melting. In the background you can see Lassen Peak.




Back in the van, and out to the Northern California coast. It was a stunning afternoon at the picturesque Northwest coastline.



From the ocean we headed inland and north. Our journey took us through Bigfoot country.



Then, to the Redwood Forest. Here you’ll find THE biggest, oldest trees in the world. These mammoths are thousands of years old, and hundreds of feet tall.





AS the sun sets in the forest, we end our day of sight seeing and traveling. Tomorrow is our demo in Oregon. Can’t wait to see how it goes.



YoYoFactory West Coast Tour 2012: Part Three, Woodward / Tahoe

YoYoFactory West Coast Tour Day 7- Woodward Tahoe



Day 7 of the YoYoFactory West Coast Tour finds us at the Woodward Action Sports camp in Lake Tahoe. Woodward is a dream come true. It offers year round camps for Skateboards, BMX, snowboarding, gymnastics and skiing.



Before the demo Kato decided to steal a sesh on the ramp.



We had a great day of teaching and demos. The campers, and staff, really got into it and before the day was over almost everyone was walking around with a yo-yo in their hand.



We also had some contests. This Long Sleeper winner walked away with a 888!



Around 4 the skate demo started. Everyone was stoked to be at Woodward, and it showed in the demos.



After we packed up for the day we headed over to the indoor skatepark/mini mega ramp/trampolines/foam pits.




It was a good think we didn’t find this till after the demo. We could have spent all day in here.



Thanks to everyone who came out for the event. And a special thanks to the staff and campers at Woodward for making us feel so welcome! We can’t wait to come back!



YoYoFactory Park BBQ @ Tualatin Community Park, Portland OR


What are you doing this Sunday? If you live in the Portland area, you should come out to the Tualatin Community Park! We’ll be hanging out, teaching tricks, testing new yo-yos and doing a contest!


Tualatin Community Park @ 1:00pm

8515 SW Tualatin Road

Tualatin, OR 97062


YoYoFactory West Coast Tour Day 6- Roseville YoLex


If you’ve been to a Yo-Yo Contest in Northern California, you’ve probably seen people with “YoLex” shirts. YoLex started at the Learning Express Roseville and has grown to several other locations across the country.



We had a great turn out with lots of great players showing up to watch, hang out and trade tricks.



We made sure to run a bunch of fun contests and gave out tons of fun prizes. Alex had some fun signing autographs on t-shirt winners.





We had an amazing time at Learning Express Roseville! Thanks to the staff for being so dedicated to the yo-yo club, and thats to everyone who came out and had fun. It was a blast!



New Protegé Team Member: Betty Gallegos


YoYoFactory is pleased to announce a new Protegé to the team: Betty Gallegos from Mexico City. Betty has been yo-yoing for almost 2 years, but don’t let that fool you. She has 2 National Titles in the Female division. She is also very active in the yo-yo scene, attending club practice on a weekly basis. Tyler has been an inspiration to her during his many trips to Mexico contests, so it’s seems fitting for him to take Betty under his wing.


YoYoFactory Contest Team @ BAC 2012

Didn’t make it to BAC? Don’t worry, we were there and we brought our cameras too! Here’s some of the YoYoFactory team in action. Both Contest Team and Protegé squared off at one of the most competitive contests of the year.


Be sure to check out the rest of our playlist on our YouTube Channel.



Bay Area Classic Wrap-Up


The Deal

Prior to the competition Paul and Luis struck a deal. If they could win 1st and 2nd, they would win a trip to 44Clash.


I hope they like sushi.


The Joker

Wild Card Paul Han. It is easy to forget Paul Han was a narrow 2nd at Nationals 2010 and how much of a contender he is every time he walks on stage. He was 2 Mexicans away from taking another BAC title 15 years after his first.

The People favorites

Gentry Stein wasn’t on the stage but he certainly was winning hearts off the stage. Without the demands of competing Gentry spent most of the day sharing tricks off to the side of the stage with anyone interested in learning. A true star.



The YoYo

One – Star was it. There is a challenge in making high performance low priced yoyos and it usually comes in the form of lower durability. At a low price less skilled users are not dissuaded from purchase meaning lots of people who don’t know what they are doing get their hands on yoyos you need a little bit of savy to use. This yoyo is our latest shot at it and it is too early to tell for sure but the general crowd reaction suggests we got it right.



The mindblower

Kevin Nicholas isn’t new to yoyo or competitions but a move to Seattle for school from Indonesia has put him firmly under the spotlight. Solid Cal States and PNWR freestyles enhanced his reputation and BAC sealed the deal.  TRUE horizontal BEHIND THE BACK. Those in the crowd watching him practice off stage know he is holding his best stuff back too.  Worlds? Nationals? LOOKOUT!!!



Harold Owens III

Come August in Orlando the USA could not have a better representative seeded into finals. Harold proved it once again he has the tricks he has the composure and he has what it takes. Over 3 minutes, on THAT stage? Game ON.




The battle continues! the winner?  Guess who? (don’t sue!)




Pre-contest fun! over $800 worth of prizes GIVEN AWAY, grab bag deals plus the Avant Garde 2 release. Everyone had fun. Thanks guys.



Day After

Nothing better than finding somewhere relaxing to hang out, with food provided and some sunshine. The BAC organizers did it right. Cant wait for BAC 2013!


Crw Vid/Tyler

Former World and National Champion Tyler Severence dropped a quick video showing some of his new 1A. Shot on location in Sedona, AZ.



Tyler, his Protegé Tyler, and Clint just dropped a great new video over the weekend. Expect more from “The Crw”.


Tyler Severance @ Cal States

Tyler Severance is no stranger to the stage. Former World and National Champion, along with more state and regional titles then he can remember. What he is new at is the 1A arena. While he’s competed before in 1A, the 2012 season brings Tyler into a new approach, and he’s hungry. A solid 5th place at Cal States, against some of the best in the country, is a good start to a great 1A season for Tyler.


SoCal YoYo Contest ’12: Tyler Severance 1st Place 1A

Tyler Vs. Tyler

Tyler Severance, and his Protegé Tyler Goldenberg, put out a new video featuring some of their latest tricks with the Supernova. It’s been interesting watching Tyler Goldenberg’s growth as a player since he’s been on the Protegé team. And, as always, Tyler Severance brings his best; and it just keeps getting better.


Champion vs. Protege. Master vs. Apprentice. Tyler vs. Tyler.