A true game changer. The Whip brings modern yo-yoing to the masses. Large SPEC bearing, silicone pad response, unresponsive play, comfortable shape, and a textured grinding surface, all at an introductory yo-yo price. The best part is that the Whip plays exactly how you would want it to: smooth, fast, and stable. For the price, there isn’t a yo-yo on the market that comes even close to this level of performance.




Ann’s_YoYoFactory WHiP Appeal

With the first week of Champions Collection releasing to the public, the Ann Connolly Whip has become the #1 seller. We think it might have something to do with her new video…


New WHiP Video

WHiP is a modern performance yoyo from yoyofactory that plays unresponsive out of the package. All the tricks performed in this video are done on stock unmodified product.


Featuring: Igor Galiev, Vong Kin Ian and Paul Han