Happy Birthday Shutter!

The Shutter was released 6 years ago today!

To Celebrate we have a few things going on


YoYoexpert.com has an amazing offer where you can score a 2 yoyo case and a Gentry Stein SNAPSHOT with select SHUTTER and SHUTTER Wide Angles.

IMG_2029 2.jpg

GentryStein.com has some retro 1st run Shutter available tonight

Shutter Wide Titanium V2 08-16-19 Iso.JPG

Plus…. drum roll please…. we are proud to announce both a Titanium Shutter Wide Angle is coming! If you check out our Ti 888 Indiegogo campaign you may even see the chance to scoop a TI wide angle at a very special price! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/yoyofactory-888-forever-yo-yo/x/10209824

Gentry Stein is World Champion


August 11 2019

Gentry Stein Wins World YoYo Contest

Cleveland Ohio hosted the 2019 World YoYo Contest where 23 year old Gentry Stein of Chico California won his second World YoYo title defeating 2018 Champion and YoYoFactory Team mate Evan Nagao of Hawaii by .3 in the closest result in recent memory. Over 300 competitors from all over the planet threw down their best tricks for 4 days of competition with Stein capturing the title on the final day with a 3 minute routine that combined dance elements with tricks to win the judges favor. He plans to use his title to promote and grow Yo-Yo worldwide as sport and hobby before mounting a defense at the 2020 contest scheduled for Budapest Hungary.

For more information photos and media enquires email Benmcphee@yoyofactory.com

memorial day

We will not be shipping 25, 26 27 of May.

All orders placed over the weekend will ship Tuesday.

Wednesday we list our final a-may-zing B-Grades starting 9am. watch live on our instagram!

Final week A-May-Zing 2019

Our final week is going to be something special! Starting FRIDAY May 24 we will be restocking some sold out items and creating new listings of small quantity b-grades, samples and random stock we find around our warehouse. stocks will be more limited than usual and once they are gone most of these offers will not be seen again!

We will go LIVE on Instagram Friday Morning with releases every day including the holiday Monday until Friday may 31!

its going to be truly A-MAY-ZING!

EYYC 2018

EYYC continues to be one of the worlds premier contests with competitors from Europe supporting it annually. The contest itself continues a rural Czech tour with this year the contest finding a home in Ostrava in the Rock and Roll Garage Hotel and Music Club. Over two days competitors battled it out culminating in a diverse day of finals with National Champions from half a dozen nations squaring off in finals. For the first time the old guard of European players were totally absent from the 1a results and the next generation have graduated to fill every spot. At the top was Kacper Palatynski, the 2nd ever Polish European Champion returning YoYoFactory to the #1 spot in Europe. Team mates Czech Champion Michael Malik took 3rd, Bulgarian Konstantin Tdjarov took 5th and Uk Champ Marcus Osborne was in 7th to round out one of the most successful EYYC results in recent memory for the team.

Special thanks to the Czech YoYo Association for running the event.


2018 in review

January wasn’t a a vacation.

Paul Kerbel was in Chile, Vashek took an adventure in the Faroe and Gentry, Yohans and Ann hit the UK. the BOOST dropped with the goal of giving Alex Hattori his own design to win his 6th USA Nationals title. Later in the year, a goal he would achieve.

Nate Dailey had a stellar year, kicked off by a win at PNWR… and every other major west coast contest he attended. PNWR has risen to be the premier Contest on the West Coast dethroning a flagging BAC. The organizers do a great job in a premier venue and players have responded by turning up and bringing the heat.

Evan Nagao started the year holding the US Champion Title. It wasn’t an epic nationals win, Nate snapped a string, not everyone turned up and it was a short year with Nationals moving again. Would this ‘little’ Nationals win be the biggest crown Evan would wear in his career? Then he started showing new tricks. New snippets from freestyles. He went to Japan in April to put in some work. We showed belief by dropping his next signature yo-yo, the polycarbonate Wedge and later in the year we would all see where in ended up.

It was a slow start to the year. We were playing catchup and the distractions of 2017 hadn’t launched 2018 like it should.

By June we finally caught up. The stuff we make for us is some of our best. Trickshot string wasn’t requested by anyone outside of our office, but now its out there, lots of people are enjoying it. Dark Matter Lube, same deal. Its a winner. and yes, that Confusion. Such a hit we got to expand the line throughout the year. Wedge, ND, Arrow, a new Czechpoint, Alta, Kui were in or close to being in store. From a Mystery Box came an equally Mysterious yoyo for a player named Polo who hadn’t won or placed high in an international contest. The slow start in terms of product and the heavy weighting of big contests at the end of the year made the clock ticking over to July 1 feel like we had finally turned a corner. Things were looking good. 2018 was going to be epic.

July 1. Evan Nagao defends his US National title in a super competitive contest many would look back on as the best contest of 2018. He would now head to Shanghai as the USA seed and Nate Dailey and Gentry Stein with a freshly rebuilt freestyle would all be contenders. First YoYoFactory 1A sweep EVER at USA Nationals. Some of the GREAT teams we have had at the past couldn’t fill the top 3… it was amazing.

Evan dropped a YoyoExpert Mystery Box after his win. Talk about timing. The second Confusion drops and the GT becomes the pocket throw of the summer.

The Marco comes to stores and BOOM, Polo WINS AP. Drop the mic. It capped off an amazing run for Horizon Team who stacked national titles in Uk (Marcus Osborne) Mexico (Paul Kerbel) and Malaysia (Julian Chee).

We were on a roll.

Evan built more momentum to Shanghai Worlds with some banging videos and announcing he will compete with an all new model at the contest. The legend of Edge Beyond is born.

There we are, in Shanghai. The Contest has avoided all catastrophes, the weight of Chinese wildcards hasn’t crushed it and everyone is playing at the highest level. IYYF had pulled it off. So did Evan Nagao, and Shu Takada and almost Alex Hattori…. Nate, Gentry, Polo, Akira also shone bright in finals. Our best result at worlds in a long time.

Evan did a bunch promoting after his win including a month long trip through Asia including YJyoyo festival with Shu, Orient Express style SE Asia and a return to Shanghai. Monster Edge dropped in here and has become a cult classic.

The end of the season wound down with Michael Malik showing he is Europe’s #1 and Shus’ domination of 44 Clash. A contest he is truly meant for.

We dropped a pretty diverse and fun glow collection just in time for the holidays and the year ran out on auto-pilot. Dope new 720 colors, MONSTER restocking for the final drop of the year.

2018 was the most bi-metal models we had released ALTA, MARCO, TurnTable 2.0, Edge Beyond and Singularity. It’s fun but it’s not the only answer to high performance and in 2019 we want explore both sides of this more.

We did ‘different’ better in 2018 and it’s something we will continue working on.

In 2019 we will see where Gentry takes yoyoing next, what Evan will do from the top of the world, how far Shu can put himself on another level, where the limits are for Polo and how great is Nate?

Lots of high points but sadness too. We miss you Andrei.

So what’s coming up?

MVP 3 is it retro or still futuristic?

Loop 2020 will finally arrive.

We want to give every beginner a better start.

There will be a new Pivot. It won’t be a Monster :-P

Some super small runs are planned. Allowing us to experiment 144 pieces at a time. We lost some agility trying to do things bigger, now we get to do it just right.

Look for some retro love coming for DNA, signature drops for Betty, Michael Malik a new Vashek yoyo and the Nate yo-yo (game changer?). Evan has been teasing his POLY Edge so expect to see it real soon.

Apart from that, we are back in the lab. Testing some BIG new concepts, production techniques and ideas. We have had a pretty big influence on the yo-yos almost every yo-yo player is throwing and some of these ideas may just change what you are throwing this time next year.

Awards time!

Team player of the year: Hyperrr_yyf (Andrei Conag Aliser)

Contest of the Year: USA Nationals (Chicago) morning

Who to watch in 2019: Nate, Hunter, Polo 👀

Bring it on!

Cyber Monday

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Discount code: “CYBERMEUSA”

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Paradise Lost

Yo-Yoing has always had strong ties to Northern California. Long before YoYoFactory demonstrators visited the town every summer bring yo-yo season to the people. The culture is deep and strong, especially focused around Chico, home of the National YoYo Museum and long time home of the USA National Contest. Around Bird in Hand, home to the museum a community grew, through Chico and the surrounding towns, Paradise, now infamously, one of these towns people know.

Here are a couple of ways you can help

Dailey Family:


KG (@yoyo_paradise):


Scales Fundraiser:


“We'll be giving away thousands of dollars worth of product tonight on Scales Live to help the Dailey and Baker families with recovery. All you have to do is donate a few dollars to enter and get a ticket. Check the link for details and please share!! 

7-10pm EST Nov 13”

Also ND is on sale at YoYofactory.com. 100% of proceeds will go to the Dailey Family.

from 44.95

Japan Junior YoYo Contest

Been missing YoYo Contest Freestyles? Need a dose of some talent out of Japan? Go no further!

The stars of Tomorrow were on display and shone bright in Central Japan at the Japan Junior Contest held in Iwakura. Akira Kato held it down in 2A while Ayumu Kasuga got some more precious stage time essential in his path to becoming a champion.

Congrats to all competitors and the JYYF for hosting another great event.

Hannah was here.

A good times, great YoYo video.

 “One of the most amazing things about yoyo is the friendships it builds. I had a blast spending a week over the summer in Bozeman, Montana with these guys. We did all sorts of Montana things, but we also made a video” - Nate Dailey


Edge Beyond is here


Evan Nagao’s Yo-Yo Masterpiece. Crafted. Not made.

Precision machined body paired with the largest steel rims ever to be attached to a yo-yo. Take whatever anyone else is doing and go BEYOND.

This is more.

For a limited time score a free WEDGE with your Edge Beyond purchase. leave a note in the comments and we will try our best to get your your WEDGE color choice.

Add To Cart

Izuru Hasumi Singularity

YoYoFactory will release team member Izuru Hasumi's signature model “Singularity” on August 23, 10pm in Japan!

Singularity is built for optimum power and stability because of its higher mass distribution on the stainless-steel rim weights.
At the same time, it maintains a great controllability, so it works perfectly for horizontal style and the speed combos that Izuru is famous for.


The first release comes in three different blue-oriented colorways since blue is Izuru’s favorite color.

Singularity will be available first at the REWIND on August 23, 10pm (Japan Time).

Please wish Izuru good luck in his future contest participation and give Singularity a try


3x Consecutive World Champion Shu Takada

Japan's very own Shu Takada takes the title, for the 2a division! He has been the reigning 2a champ for the last three consecutive years! Check out this spectacular performance based acrobatic freestyle, with Shu rocking a set of Loop 2020s!

Loop 2020 is set for release, next month!

Shu landing an acrobatic trick, in Shanghai!

Shu landing an acrobatic trick, in Shanghai!

Evan Nagao World YoYo Champion

Evan Nagao of Honolulu Hawaii is the World YoYo Champion defeating over 300 competitors from over 25 Nations to take the title in Shanghai China.


Evan competed using his new soon to be release signature yo-yo 'EDGE BEYOND' narrowly defeateing 6x World Champion Takeshi Matsura of Japan and reigning World Champion Shion Araya.