YoYoFactory's Weekend Round-Up!

It was a very busy weekend for YoYoFactory Players all around the world, so here is a little wrap up of all the awesome things that happened!

1) Gentry Stein: 9 Hours in Paris

Gentry released a new video showing off all the awesome places he visited in his short 9 hour vacation in Paris, and even shows off some tricks! 

2)  Discovered on Instagram

Ben Conde shows off YoYoFactory Player, Polo Garbkamol, and his amazing talent/passion for yoyo. Polo is pushing the technical side of yoyoing to a whole new level that we have not seen before, and is becoming infamous on Instagram for his amazing style. This is a great video showing Polo's character and how he's developing himself as a player by spreading his passion through Instagram. 

3) Paulo Bueno Wins Italian National's Open Division

The Italian Nation YoYo Contest wast this past weekend and YoYoFactory Pro Paulo Bueno won the open division! We are still waiting for freestyle videos, but with the quality Paulo has been bringing lately, we are confident that its an amazing routine! 

4) Slusny in Hungary

Slusny is back in Budapest for 3 weeks doing school tours! Be sure to check out their Instagram as they are posting some amazing content of their travels! 

5) John Ando

John Ando has been posting some insane new tricks on his Instagram that are definitely a must see if you are working on new tricks of your own! Check out his latest trick below!