Ultimate Dogma

 "Hello, greetings from Russia! My name is Igor Galiev. YoYo is my passion, i play yoyo for more than ten years and i think of it as an art form. I came here to tell you a little bit about my yoyo model - Dogma by YoYoFactory. Dogma is a product of a friendship and passion to yoyo, it was made with love and attention to details to become a favorite throw for a lot of players. So what is Dogma? Dogma is an instrument, like a brush of an artist or a lens of photographer. You want a good brush to draw your Mona Lisa and a good lens to capture unrepeatable life moments as clear as its possible. The thing is on its place and it just provides you to result and feels natural to use, perfect instrument to unleash your potential. Dogma becomes the ultimate choice when you take it in your hands and use it as an instrument to create tricks, shred strings to archive performance perfection.... or perhaps just enjoying your free time and having fun. Please watch this video with me and my team mates. We are inspired - feel our energy!"