YJ YoYoFestival

There has been a change in Asia. Over the past 10 years Korea has emerged as a powerhouse. Not economically, although brands like Hyundai and Samsung have been doing their part to make that true too, but as THE style influencer.

Korea is cool. Fashion, music, design.... its all being driven by Korean influencers. While the USA media hypes WW3 and Nukes raining down the truth on the ground in Seoul is a well dressed NOW generation moving through life with a funky K-pop soundtrack to their lives.

Tourism in Korea is up. They come for makeup, food and a look at the magic. We joined them in Early December to visit the YJ YoYoFestival. 

WHAT IS YJ YoYoFestival? Why didn't you know? Its the biggest single day yoyo event held anywhere in the world in 2017. close to 700 ticket holding attendees headed to Sejong University performing Arts building for an unforgettable day of yoyo action. The hosts, YJ shop run a day of non-stop yoyo action for players of all ages. There are games and fun, performances and contests and you guessed it.... plenty of K-pop.

Outside the venue players participated in a range of activities

Outside the venue players participated in a range of activities

Apart from the number of players the thing that stood out the most was the overall high level of skill from everyone in attendance. The kids here are good. Not just 1a good.... there are off string players, 3a, 2a.... they can play all styles. More than just play everyone was having fun.  

The first player to take to the stage was Gentry for a demo Freestyle. The crowd went NUTS. Gentry admitted forgetting his second trick because he was so blown away by the response.

Later John took to the stage. Its the first time we have seen John perform this year so its the first video we shared.

The action continued throughout the day. Long sleeper contes with over 300 participants, Parent contests all the way up to a Pro division for cash prizes.


Special thanks to YJ YoYoShop for hosting an amazing event! If you are ever in Seoul make sure you come through and check out their store