Winter 17/18

It might be cold out but this season is FIRE.


So many options its hard to choose somewhere to begin!

How about HUBSTACK AFTERGLOW. The best light yoyo in the world. Turn play on its side with the Patented TRIPLE BEARING HUBSTACK design.

Then there is something never done in WOOD. Our LEGEND WING design has a unique textured rubber finish. Unique feelings and great classic play.


Then we gave some of our favorites a NEW holiday look.


FLIGHT, REPLAY PRO and LOOP 720 in a CLEAR WHITE marble snow swirl.

The 720 is SHU TAKADA specification with the RED responsive looping spacers (which do not require lubricant) plus the new BLUE spacer for those looking for a freestyle setup.


Then there is the Gentry Stein SHUTTER Wide Angle. A clear winner in a white on white look.


Last but not least we have something from nowhere near snow. Hawaiian born and breed Evan Nagao is never out of place, so we are dropping a brand new model, the WEDGE in the collection.


Machined from Delrin with a solid Aluminum hub this yoyo encapsulates Evans play style and penchant for massive tricks. Give it a big throw.

We would also LOVE some help photographing this collection.

If you can get any shots of these yoyos in the Winter Wonderland they should exist in share them with the hashtag #yoyofactorywinter and we will choose some winners before spring to receive a generous selection from our catalog :)