Yo to the Yo!

Hey YoYo Athlete!

Are you looking for an iOS game to spin when your too tired to actually play yoyo?

Check out 'Yo to the Yo' :


*Made by Purple Pwny Games who we have. No relationship with, other than the fact we downloaded their game!

First grab an 'ol faithful' (I know, if there is one thing playing yoyo has taught you it is don't always choose the cheap option but there is no other choice)

Throw with Power!

Rather than do tricks it's a timing based game waving you toss the yoyo to the moon (and beyond!)

Fun Facts about actual yoyo stuff are a neat addition but is really the only thing about the game that has anything to do with yoyos.

Nothing wrong with a bit of pointless fun though so we gave it a try. A couple of upgrades later it was actually pretty fun.

Beat our top score within 24hrs and get a 10% off code for yoyofactory.com highest score sent to us by Friday (noon PST) can get a free Space Cadet!

To claim your code (valid for 2 weeks), or high score email  us a screen capture (which you will find is a challenge in itself) to contact@yoyofactory.com