Nate Dailey is ready....

Nate has been ready for a while actually.

Nate has been a standout in West Coast Yo-yoing for the past 3 years. For almost all that time we have been working on making him the perfect yoyo. In 2017 he has been throwing an unnamed prototype, codenamed D20 in contests like Worlds, BAC and The California state contest


Before D20 Nate was throwing his signature yoyo D10 which was only available to the public through a YoYoExpert Mystery Box.

Knowing Nate style, his preferences and desires in an ideal yoyo, the next challenge was to deliver something unique and exciting so inspire others to choose Nates yoyo. D10 played great but we had some problems in production and rather than make it average we went back to the drawing board. D20 played nice, but wasn't exciting. It looked kinda fugly and its performance was just nice. We could do better. 

This week we send Nate samples of what we think could be THE design. Its a nervous moment for us as designers but as players we know he is going to love it too. 

The wait could soon be over, we look forward to announce a NEW Nate Dailey yo-yo will soon be available!