September Sweepstake Day 2 Space Crown Ultra VS Paolista

Votes are in for DAY 1.

The winner is SHUTTER! Over 400 votes were recorded with shutter winning by a greater than 3-1 margin.

The price for DREAM is now 10% off (ok we were getting a bit excited and made it a little more than 10% off)  on and SHUTTER will go on to face the winner of todays Vote in the semi final!


Remember we also have a BI-METAL sale going on right now with Navigator, Nightmare, Ex Machina and Space Cadet all $50!

The random winner for day 1 is ETHAN DAVID. Congratulations, you will receive a SHUTTER!

Everyone who votes goes in the draw for the grand prize of ALL 8 yoyos.

Which brings us to DAY 2 voting. and epic match up between the faceless SPACE CROWN ULTRA, crafted of its 7068 alloy and the PAOLISTA, the weapon of choice of Brazilian/American/European Paolo Bueno!

Vote for your favorite yo-yo to earn bigger discounts on

  • 1 vote per day per person.
  • 1 random voter will receive the winning yoyo each day.
  • at the end of the sweepstake 1 random voter will be selected from ALL the days voting to receive all 8 yoyos.



YoYos eliminated in Round 1 will get a 10% discount applied until Sept 30.

YoYos eliminated in Semi Finals will get a 15% discount applied until Sept 30

Looser of the final will get a 20% discount applied until Sept 30

WINNER will 30% discount applied until Sept 30