September Sweepstake Day 4

In a CRUSHING victor Edge has taken the vote on day 3!

Never fear Aviator fans, we have a great deal on them for you now!



Our Daily Prize winner is Brett Kozma! Brett wins himself an EDGE!

Everyone who votes goes in the draw for the grand prize of ALL 8 yoyos.

Which brings us to DAY 4 voting. Our final round before the semi Finals!

Its the Amazing Horizon and the Pocket Monster HEIST!

Now its up to YOU to choose a favorite!

Vote for your favorite yo-yo to earn bigger discounts on

  • 1 vote per day per person.
  • 1 random voter will receive the winning yoyo each day.
  • at the end of the sweepstake 1 random voter will be selected from ALL the days voting to receive all 8 yoyos.




YoYos eliminated in Round 1 will get a 10% discount applied until Sept 30.

YoYos eliminated in Semi Finals will get a 15% discount applied until Sept 30

Loser of the final will get a 20% discount applied until Sept 30

WINNER will 30% discount applied until Sept 30