September Sweepstake Semi Final #2

We have our first Finalist!

SHUTTER is in to the final defeating Space Crown Ultra!


This is our best price ever for a 7068 yoyo so really the winner is you!  

Please note our FREE BAG OFFER IS ENDING, as we are running out of bags... 

we will ship them until we don't have any more.


Over 500 votes were tallied from valid email addresses and selected from them the winner  of the daily prize is Stephanie Honeycutt who will be getting a SHUTTER.

Everyone who votes goes in the draw for the grand prize of ALL 8 yoyos.

Now it is time to find out who the other finalist will be.


Two yo-yos used be world ranked players supported by teams of amazing players.... but there can be only 1 winner!


Vote for your favorite yo-yo to earn bigger discounts on

  • 1 vote per day per person.
  • 1 random voter will receive the winning yoyo each day.
  • at the end of the sweepstake 1 random voter will be selected from ALL the days voting to receive all 8 yoyos.


YoYos eliminated in Round 1 will get a 10% discount applied until Sept 30.

YoYos eliminated in Semi Finals will get a 15% discount applied until Sept 30

Loser of the final will get a 20% discount applied until Sept 30

WINNER will 30% discount applied until Sept 30