The slow burn

What does it take to create a legendary Yoyo? It’s the question we face every time we begin a new project at yoyofactory. Recently we have been working on a number of new projects with a new way of answering the question. 


Shu Takada has won 3 2a world titles using yoyofactory yoyos. He has also done it on 3 different yoyos. Most recently Shu won on the loop2020 which still has not progressed past the prototype stages and still we aren’t rushing to put it on shelves.

Photos by Alec Campbell

The latest design plan involves long to the point of exhaustive testing. It involves a greater level of player input and a total lack of deadline or release schedule. Sometimes the pressure makes diamonds, more often it leaves product just a touch short.



Nate Dailey began throwing YoYoFactory in 2015. He was a top 3 finisher at USA nationals and already had a signature Yoyo from another brand. We wanted Nate’s next yoyo to be legendary. We created a Yoyo based on his old signature Yoyo profile to get him something suited to his needs immediately. This yoyo was made available in a mystery box on YoYoExpert but not sold to the public at retail beyond this. Nate used that Yoyo to win regional events and to again place high at Nationals but we knew we could do better. A new profile and design was created and it almost was it. Nate used it to again win contests and placed in the top 10 at worlds with an un-named unreleased yoyo and still, we didn’t settle, we worked in it. 

nd-118642 (1).jpg

While the 2020 still needs to pass some testing for a release we are finally at the point of release for Nate’s Yoyo.

Introducing the ND Ultra. The result of a slow burn creating a beautiful unique playing experience. 

nd-118647 (1).jpg


ND Ultra Specs

Material: 7068 Alloy

Bearing: CT

Axle: Stainless Steel

Pads: 19mm CBC

Weight: 63.7gm




In this final design we delivered the spin and power needed while removing a deal of weight. We brought the response down with the pad to pad distance narrower. We did a bunch of things that sound impossible, but really, all it took was time to get it right.


ND Ultra will release Worldwide October 7, the same day Nate will make his contest Debut with it at the USA national Contest.

Loop2020..... when its ready, and not a day sooner.