Paradise Lost

Yo-Yoing has always had strong ties to Northern California. Long before YoYoFactory demonstrators visited the town every summer bring yo-yo season to the people. The culture is deep and strong, especially focused around Chico, home of the National YoYo Museum and long time home of the USA National Contest. Around Bird in Hand, home to the museum a community grew, through Chico and the surrounding towns, Paradise, now infamously, one of these towns people know.

Here are a couple of ways you can help

Dailey Family:

KG (@yoyo_paradise):

Scales Fundraiser:

“We'll be giving away thousands of dollars worth of product tonight on Scales Live to help the Dailey and Baker families with recovery. All you have to do is donate a few dollars to enter and get a ticket. Check the link for details and please share!! 

7-10pm EST Nov 13”

Also ND is on sale at 100% of proceeds will go to the Dailey Family.

from 44.95