Happy Birthday Shutter!

The Shutter was released 6 years ago today!

To Celebrate we have a few things going on


YoYoexpert.com has an amazing offer where you can score a 2 yoyo case and a Gentry Stein SNAPSHOT with select SHUTTER and SHUTTER Wide Angles.

IMG_2029 2.jpg

GentryStein.com has some retro 1st run Shutter available tonight

Shutter Wide Titanium V2 08-16-19 Iso.JPG

Plus…. drum roll please…. we are proud to announce both a Titanium Shutter Wide Angle is coming! If you check out our Ti 888 Indiegogo campaign you may even see the chance to scoop a TI wide angle at a very special price! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/yoyofactory-888-forever-yo-yo/x/10209824