Evan Nagao

Birthday: May 3rd
Country: USA
Preferred style: 1A
Handed: Left
Favorite Yoyo: Edge Beyond
Titles: 2018 World Champion, 2018 National Champion, PNWR 2016 Champion, and EYYC 2017 Champion.
Biography: I started yoyoing originally when I was one years old. My dad was a yoyo marketer and we had yoyo performers at our house everyday. By four years old, I could do two handed loops, and was featured on many tv shows including Ellen DeGeneres and Jay Leno. I got bored of yoyoing at around six years old, and took a break till 2009 when I picked up my very first unresponsive yoyo. It was a yoyofactory California, and I remember being so astounded with how long it could sleep. I was pretty new to unresponsive back then, so it took me a while to catch up to the skill level of modern yoyoers. I got really serious into competition in 2014 where I placed 6th at the US National Yoyo Contest. From there, I had a slew of great results from competitions including 1st place at PNWR 2016, 1st place at EYYC 2017, and 6th place at the World Yoyo Contest 2017. It's probably obvious, but my favorite yoyo is the Edge. I designed it exactly to my likings, and it is a highly competitive yoyo that can tackle any trick your mind can conceive.