July 7

YoYoFactory Wins

Its an amazing situation we find ourself still in.

the current World, USA, Asia and European Champions all use our product.

this weekend was a big one. It started in Singapore.


AP has grown to what could now be the second biggest contest in the world. More than that it has built an amazing culture of fun and sharing as well as blistering competition. The organizing team don’t let any detail slip and players turn up. Previous years were dominated by Japanese players coming on a vacation to get an easy win but lately they havnt been getting their way. Garbkmol Limangkul Aka Polo successfully defended his 1a title again landing on the right side of a 1 point difference. Polo may represent Thailand but he is a crowd favorite for many SE Asian players showing how a player can come out of a smaller scene and beat anyone on the day.

insert polo video

USA Nationals

last year AP ran the weekend after USA Nationals meaning 20hrs of flight and we could attend both but this year it was the same weekend. The tinezone difference led to 24hr around the clock yo-yo hype and fed in to the feeling in Philadelphia where the best in the USA turned up. Or did they? Defending champion Evan Nagao was noticeably absent after taking the last two titles leaving the door open for a potential new face to take the crown. A quick look over previous results and you would notice to win USA Nationals you first must beat Gentry Stein who had been either 1st or second for the last 4 years. Also missing were 5 more 2018 finalists. Would it be a changing if the guard?

A rough tangle in semi finals took out the 2nd highest rank player in 2018 Worlds, Nate Dailey leaving the door wide open but a dominant performance by Gentry signaled it might be a daunting task. This clear semi final win also left Gentry in an ideal position of performing in finals just before the seeded players essentially setting the bar and putting on all the pressure.

Insert gentry Video

Gentry handled it with style and grace winning by an even 10 points becoming the most prolific 1a winner in the history of the contest (4x). Basecamp Team mate Connor Seals claimed second and Chandler Steele took the bronze.

Which brings us to Worlds… a topic for another day!

JULY 5 2019

Most awesome freestyles of all time.

Lots of talk goes on at contests and this gem always comes up. This freestyle probably was just too far ahead of its time.

Watch it in awe.

Sup Philly. We here.

JULY 4 2019

T-2 USA Nationals

T-1 AP

California LAUNCH Day

New MONSTER Colors Launch Day

And America’s Birthday!


Big Difference in looks and finish from NEW to OLD but we nailed the feels. You won’t try win worlds on in next month but you will have plenty of fun.

Lookout for the limited run USA edition

A limited number have also been produced for the YoYoFactory Brewing Co Project. on yoyofactory.com


Three new monster color ways. A sweet green/Black half/half switch on yoyofactory.com

JULY 1 2019

We are back.

The Project RED Alert Blog was originally found HERE. It detailed the early days of YoYoFactory when we were nothing but 2 people with a big plan. Now we have grown into…. um, well, actually that bit hasn’t really changed. We may have a big Factory as our logo but our yoyo run sizes are still about the same. What has changed is what is around us. High end yo-yo has become an industry and we are still right there at the front!

The reason we are back? 888 Forever.

This projected takes us back to our roots, as we recreate not only the yo-yo but the experience that came with the legendary 888!

Join the discussion HERE

This page will be updated through the 2019 USA National Contest, The 2019 World YoYo Contest, and through the process of design, prototyping, creation and release… of the 888 Forever.

Sit back and enjoy the ride!