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If you didn’t get a chance to meet Andrei you can visit his youtube or Instagram

Andrei was one of the most passionate and enthusiastic yo-yo players we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He spread joy throughout the world but sadly, won’t get the chance to throw his signature edition yo-yo. He would have loooooved it!

All proceeds of the sale of this yoyo- will go to Cancer support and research choices of his Mom (Hi Jessica!!!)

Its one of the most beautiful yo-yos we have created.


“Andrei Anthony Conag Aliser came to the world on August 29, 2005 in San Bernardino, California to Antonio Aliser and Jessica Conag. His brother, Jether, was delighted to have a sibling.

Andrei is a talented boy who grew up practicing martial arts with his brother, traveling, and competing in yoyo contests. He played violin in the Moore Middle School Band.

He was diagnosed with AML Leukemia in April 2018. Regardless of cancer, he showed his happy and indomitable spirit by entertaining the medical staff and other patients with his excellent yoyo skills. He spent his time in the hospital creating online music, playing the bass, ukulele, tenor, and painting following Bob Ross' videos.

His dream of meeting the 2018 US Nationals and World Yoyo Champion of the World, Evan Nagao, was realized when Evan came to visit him in the hospital for 3 straight days in July 2018. They played yoyo, strummed the ukulele, and created a video together showcasing their yoyo prowess. He developed strong bonds with other yoyoers from all over the world thru Instagram.

Much to his delight, he was sponsored by Yoyo Factory and was inducted by Evan to his select group of 5 well-skilled yoyoers from all over the world called The Edge Nation in July 2018.

When Andrei turned 13, Evan live-streamed the videos from his yoyo friends around the world who lived from as far as Japan, Czechoslovakia and other parts of Europe wishing him a happy birthday and recovery.

Andrei passed on October 13, 2018. He left beautiful memories on the Youtube videos he created under the name "Andrei Aliser" and his Instagram posts showing him tutoring and reviewing yoyo products under the name "hyperrr_yyf".

He had inspired people online to be strong and stay positive regardless of any difficult situations. He was joyous until the end of his life.

He will be greatly missed for the lessons he gave to the world as an epitome of optimism, courage, happiness, and determination to rise above the challenge.”

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